About Us

Welcome to the website of The Durham-Orange Estate Planning Council (DOEPC). We are an organization of estate planning professionals located in Durham and Orange Counties of North Carolina in the Chapel Hill/Durham area.

Our organization is devoted to providing networking and educational programs for our members and prospective members.  We feel that estate planning is an important part of proper management of the wealth of our clients.  We also know that it can be a complicated, and at times, changing field.  We know that no one knows it all, but by providing quality programs presented by experts in their fields, and introducing our members to other members with complimentary areas of expertise, we can enhance the quality of service our members provide their clients.

This site was developed with estate planning professionals in mind, though there is some information for the public looking to learn about estate planning or searching for a professional to consult.  For the professional, there is information about our organization, a calendar of our meetings, and profiles of our members.  For the public, the membership profiles may aid in finding an appropriate local professional; there are also links to other websites with information that may be helpful in learning more about the importance of estate planning.

So please take a look around.  If you are an estate professional looking for a way to meet some fellow practitioners and hear some quality speakers, please visit our Membership Page for information on becoming a member.